In order to code in Java, it is necessary that one codes in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse, Dr.Java, Netbeans, etc… The easiest IDE to start coding in is Dr. Java.

Dr.Java logo

How to Download Dr. Java: (If using Windows, download the Jar file under the Old Stable Release header. If using a Mac, click on the “Download Mac OS X App”. Then, you have to drag the application to the Applications folder as shown by the popup.

Advantages of Dr. Java: Easy to run (first one compiles the code which tells the JVM to compile/understand it in its own binary language/code). It is also user-friendly.

Disadvantages of Dr. Java: One has to type the full command statements (no shortcuts like Control+Click). In addition, every time one runs the code, one has to click on the Compile button, then click on the run button in order for the JVM to understand one’s code.


How to Configure Dr. Java in detail (Video):