Geometry focuses on shapes and their properties. The most important types of things in geometry are point, line, plane, and solid.
A Point has no dimensions, only position. A Line is one dimensional. A Plane is two dimensional. A Solid is three dimensional.

There are two main types of geometry: Plane Geometry and Solid Geometry

WHAT IS PLANE GEOMETRY: Plane geometry deals about objects that are flat such as triangles or lines that can be drawn on paper (not three dimensional objects). LINK:

Before beginning, we have to talk about what a plane is. A plane can be thought of as a flat sheet with no thickness and goes on in one or more directions (infinitely large). Geometry mainly focuses on two things: objects and their properties and proofs. A proof is a method that justifies the claims made about objects as true.

Now moving on to the important vocabulary, some of them are polygon, point, midpoint, cube, sphere, cylinder, etc… Here is a full link of all the important vocab: (IT IS RECOMMENDED TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THE VOCAB IN ORDER TO LEARN AS MUCH GEOMETRY!)

Intro to Geometry Video Part 1/7

PROOFS: Proofs can be boring but at the same time it can give one a sense of satisfaction as it requires a lot of thinking and effort to figure out many ways to come to the conclusion (justify the proof as true). ALSO, DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED! It is possible to use theorems to start the proof!

This is a very good website about all the concepts that are covered in geometry:

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