What is Ethical Hacking (also called Penetration Testing)? It is the act of penetrating into a system or networks to find out threats in which an attacker might find loss of data or other damages.

Descriptive Video about EH:

One learns EH to become an Ethical Hacker who applies their hacking skills for defensive purposes for checking on protecting the owners of information systems. There is also an Ethical Hacking Exam in order to become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Pros and Cons chart

Purposes of EH:

1. Finding vulnerabilities.

2. Demonstrating methods used by cybercriminals

3. Helping prepare for a cyberattack.

The best website to learn Ethical Hacking is at udemy.com.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?src=ukw&q=ethical%20hacking

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