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Firstly, Java is an object-oriented programming language (one of the most common programming languages) where a person can give instructions (words instead of numbers)to the computer which are outputted.

In order to run Java, one can use an IDE (Integration Development Environment) such as Eclipse, NetBeans, Dr. Java, etc… where a JVM is used to run the written code. A JVM is a virtual machine that allows Java programs and programs in other languages to run as Java bytecode (what the JVM reads).

Java is a very tedious language to code sometimes because it requires a lot of memorization of key words/phrases and is also very wordy since some statements must be written out each time at the beginning of each program. But hopefully, with these links and videos, your journey in learning Java will be a success.

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Chart showing Advantages and Disadvantages

Links to learn more about Java:



Website regarding importance of Java: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/java-important-30466.html

This video tells people what they will do as a Java developer (if you want to become a software engineer).

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