What is Algebra 2? Algebra 2 is a third year math course that includes topics like linear equations, inequalities, graphs, matrices, polynomials, etc…

LINK shows the 13 chapters that are included in Alg 2.

Website that gives you full details and descriptive topics of Alg 2:

Honestly, Alg 2 is not hard if one memorizes formulas and remembers how to apply one math concept from one question to another question as that will be happening a lot.

Good websites to visit to learn more about Algebra 2: Math is Fun, Khan Academy, IXL(?), Brightstorm, MathHelp.com

Algebra 2 is also crucial for moving into Honors Pre-Calculus and eventually Calculus if you are taking it. These fundamentals will be with you throughout your math career as these tips and formulas can help you solve problems much easier than expected.

Some of the hardest concepts in Algebra 2 include matrices. polynomials multiplication, and solving quadratic/logarithmic equations. These concepts are not tough al the time, but they are very time consuming and require a lot of effort to learn.

Intro to Matrices
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