Java is one of the key programming languages that is used in everyday life. It is used for many purposes such as coding robots, technology, and other uses. In addition, Java is used to program many engines as well as games. It is commonly taught in high school and other academies as it is a very easy and common language to learn. All in all, my goal is to help teach Java for beginners and make them pros in no time!!
In my experience with Java I have enjoyed it fully as I got a chance to express my creativity and code whatever games I liked. Coding is also my favorite hobby!

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The guitar is one of the best instruments to play as it sounds very nice and it is very relaxing to play. In addition, there are so many different types of sounds to play and it is also very easy to play. I was first introduced to the guitar when I was 6 years old. Ever since then, I have fell in love with the guitar, playing it for 9 years and spreading the joy to others. This is my 3rd year teaching the guitar as it has been a great experience so far meeting new students who are very enthusiastic and whole-hearted to learn something new.

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Robotics is one of the most important activities to engage in during the school year as it helps students in various ways such as mechanical skills, engineering, programming, and technical skills. All in all, it is an interesting and great experience for students to learn more about how robotics plays a key role in present life.
Robotics is a field that is expanding very rapidly as they will help simplify the amount of human work and make processes faster and could be used in the army.

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